The port city

Toamasina, the largest port city in eastern Madagasikara

The official who gave his name to the city back in the kingdom while Radama II was thirsty renda the sea Surprised the taste of it, the King exclaimed: "Toa Masina ity Rano ity! (But this is salt water!) ".
Toamasina is the first port of the island and therefore the main window of the maritime countries.
The climate is sub-equatorial: hot temperatures and frequent rainfall throughout the year (Tamatave to an average temperature of 24 ° C to 3500 mm of rain per year1).

Today, the houses of Europeans, Creoles and Hova officers, the time of the monarchy on the island, stand in the city.
North of the city stretches coast rosewood, south begins Pangalanes channel. The city is traversed by rickshaw pulled by bicycles or men on foot. Swimming is strongly discouraged, all slaughterhouses nearby attract many sharks. However, the edges of flower activities of any kind in the late afternoon.

Take the direction of Nosy Be Island perfume for a final tour and walk through the fields of Ylang-Ylang. During your visit if heat is urgent, the waters of this island have no equal and are true haven for travelers.

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