The northern city

Antsiranana the city of a thousand wonders

Antsiranana is a city at the northern tip of Madagascar. It is the most cosmopolitan city of Madagascar. The day is quiet however Antsiranana to the beginning of the afternoon, people start out to invest little by little squares and go to the beaches for most.
The city is a coastal city with buildings that the time has not managed to tarnish.
Many sights can be visited nearby. Bay, sea, beach and park, nothing is missing around the city of Antsiranana.

Nature is characterized by a diversity of landscape related to the existence of several micro climates: amazing limestone formation of numerous caves in which nestle calcite drapery folds which fall like those of a fabric, a maze of forest unique ...
It is sheltered by the Bay of Diego-Suarez, one of the most beautiful bays in the world and the second largest (156 km coastline) after Rio de Janeiro.
As for the wildlife that could evolve and adapt to changes in their habitats, it is represented by 20 species of lemurs, among them, the crowned lemur, the aye-aye strange, lemur fulvus, the lemur red .... .
Marine sites are not far behind. In the center, the Bay of Diego, a huge natural harbor and a member of the select "club of the most beautiful bays in the world", we reserve other little paradise to discover

To see especially: City Tour, Ramena beach, Montagne d'Ambre, tsingy red Ankarana National Park, three bays, ...

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