Miles of the city

Antananarivo city miles, Tana a millennium city

The arrival at the airport Ivato is the main gateway to the region can sometimes upset some as the decor is simple as well as the country as a whole, but in discovering and learning more and more places every day, travelers realize how wonderful this country is.
Why "The Highlands"? Antananarivo city is located on a plateau at an average altitude of 1245m, in the center of the Big Island. It is the capital of Madagascar. You will see traditional brick buildings, cobblestone streets on the heights of the hills, shaded walkways and countless nooks evoke a city out of the ordinary.

Here are some tips for exploring this beautiful region: first try of the city the best way to see almost all is to walk. the first place to visit and Anosy lake and its surroundings. You would see a statue of an angel, going south you will find the flower market where there is great sympathy and if you look up to the highest point of the horizon you will discover the old palace and its surroundings (illustrated by the picture above).

Zoo where there is a faithful representation of the entire flora and fauna malagsy is Tsimbazaza do not forget to go through there. Do not forget also the lemurs park, Ampefy, ItasyAmbohimangaMantasoa, etc..
Before going to bring back souvenirs handmade product market on the dam "dam market" is just the first road to the airport.

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