The city of the sun

Toliara, the city of the sun. the land of baobabs, the alley of baobabs

Tulear is located at the south-western Madagascar. One can easily go by land because most of the roads leading to it are tarred. Promoted by its artists, it is often said that never sleeps Toliara (Tulear tsy miroro) and / or is as developed as other cities of the Big Island. The southern part knows very little traffic and offers a variety of landscapes.

The origin of this name is untranslatable if it is a European navigator arriving in the bay of Tulear a boatman advised to ask the name of the place where he had landed: one including only he sought wetting and replied, "Toly REMO" (wet there). The sailor including "Toliara" which became French Tulear.

The city is constantly swept by the prevailing wind called "Tsiokatimo."
Nowhere is the spectacle of navigation is so serene, in the silence of a sea dotted with sails.
Scuba diving, one of the major attractions of the region can be found in an aquarium size where the water temperature fluctuates between 25 ° and 32 ° depending on the season.
From June to September, migrating humpback whales Another benefit of this coastline and several operators safaris "whale" to meet these cetaceans.
Finally, the area is a mecca for the practice of sport fishing beyond the coral reef, marlin, tuna, swordfish and sharks proliferate.
Before leaving try to Antsokay arboretum, see the shellfish market and greet villagers Sarodrano.

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