The city of flowers

Mahajanga city flowers of Western Madagasikara

If you decide to make a trip to Madagascar, Mahajanga is a must. It is the largest city in the northwest of the island with beautiful sunsets on the Mozambique Channel, picnics on deserted beaches, canoe trips sailing on the Bay Bombetoka and especially not miss skewers the Seaside near the large Baobab symbol of the city ...

Day, Mahajanga has a good temperature is moderately high in December and January. The board is deemed by evening activities and entertainment. This is a rendezvous of all social classes to relax in the evening. The district is the second Marovoay rice granary of Madagascar after AlaotraMangoro.

Activities abound in the region to name only: Katsepy excursions, guided the vivitesAnjajavy at Anjohibe cave, circus red, Ankarafantsika National Park, the planting of rice Marovoay

Speaking of Ankarafantsika is one of dense dry forests of Madagascar. It is located 115km south of the city. Several animal species with a high endemicity coexist in the 130 026ha park. Birds as well as animals are easy to observe throughout the year. More than 129 species of birds are listed of which 75 are endemic.

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